TI WEBENCH Schematic Editor

I watched this video this morning of TI’s new and improved online WEBENCH Schematic Editor and thought I had to share it with the community. I’ve used it before for simulating some power supply stuff, but now you can edit the schematics more so than before, and pick parts from a library of 40,000 parts. The thing that really got me was that when you were done playing around online and wanted to start working on your REAL schematic and layout on your computer, you can Export the WEBENCH schematic to 5 different CAD software packages… of which included are EAGLE, ORCAD, P-CAD, Mentor Graphics and ALTIUM! That’s rad.

Here’s the video

And here’s the summary text from the email I got about this:

The revolutionary new WEBENCH Schematic Editor gives you the flexibility to edit custom power designs and then simulate your new circuit without leaving the WEBENCH environment. With Schematic Editor, you can quickly and easily add additional circuitry to further enhance the functionality and performance of your circuits.

WEBENCH design tools are now the only option for synthesizing designs in seconds from a few simple design requirements and then offering powerful customization and simulation of schematics all in the same environment.

Key Schematic Editor features:

• Rich editing environment and simulation analysis delivers enhanced flexibility
• Save time by completing the entire design online in minutes
• Full access to a library of over 40,000 components



how does adding parts/libraries on WEBENCH work? I’m comfortable with EAGLE but new tools are always worth a try though it might take a while to learn but yeah! :smiley:

Thanks for sharing ^^

Pretty sure you have to pull from their library of 40k parts… .but the upside is that they are already to go with correct symbols and footprints.

Let me have it on my list to try out!!!

I wonder what happens if you use a part in the webench library that isn’t in Eagle when you export. Do you think it exports the part as well? I doubt it! Cool looking tool, just the same though.

Sorry, didn’t refresh the page before I posted, or I would have had my question answered :slight_smile:

Since EAGLE schematics and layouts contain the PARTs, I would imagine there are embedded in there from the WEBENCH export. You can then export them to your personal library if you want. I do this when I can’t find an author’s library, just export from the schematic/layout.

Of course - that would work