Thingspeak getting entries but not display Temperature values

Hey guy, I am trying to create a webhook which sends temperature data every 30 seconds to Thingspeak.
The events are being published in the console and the Thingspeak is getting entries but no data is being sent. Also, I noticed that the docs state that the console should display h

hook-sent/temp: Confirmation that the webhook was sent to ThingSpeak’s servers.
hook-response/temp/0: The response that the webhook received from ThingSpeak.

However, this is not happening to me.

Timer tempPublishTimer(30000, publishTemp);


void publishTemp(){
  String temperaturePublish = String(calibratedTempC,2);
  Particle.publish("temp", temperaturePublish, PRIVATE);
void setup() {
    // Start Webhooks
    Particle.subscribe("hook-response/temp", myHandler, MY_DEVICES);
    Particle.subscribe("hook-response/humidity", myHandler, MY_DEVICES);
    Particle.subscribe("hook-response/light", myHandler, MY_DEVICES);

void myHandler(const char *event, const char *data) {
  // Handle the integration response

I have 3 webhooks in console/integrations defined:

Here my reference:

@Postler Sorry can you please elaborate ? I dont understand what you mean by those instructions.

I think the problem is not being able to subscribe ( i managed to do that, Thanks) . the thingspeak is not receiving the data and therefore not creating graphs

it could also be due to the webhook definitions. would like to send a picture and maybe your listing?

Your event log webhook doesn’t seem show any webhook response events.
What does the call history of the integration say?

In my Form-Statement I found this information:

“event”: “{{{PARTICLE_EVENT_NAME}}}”,
_ “data”: “{{{PARTICLE_EVENT_VALUE}}}”,_
_ “coreid”: “{{{PARTICLE_DEVICE_ID}}}”,_
_ “published_at”: “{{{PARTICLE_PUBLISHED_AT}}}”,_
“api_key”: “my/your API Key”,
“field1”: “{{PARTICLE_EVENT_VALUE}}”

4 more information than yours.

try not using “temp” in the form, but use this instead:

“field1”: “{{PARTICLE_EVENT_VALUE}}”

Not sure that’s right, but that’s the way I read it.

If you don’t mind me asking, why are you using a webhook? My company has been using using thinkspeak with a number of photons for a while now and all we did was include the ThingSpeak.h library.