Publish events trigger webhook but none show in web log

Basic question here, apologies.

What steps are required to have Particle.publish() events displayed in the web?

I adapted a basic example to publish a string for viewing on a thingspeak plot via webhook. Data publishes to Thingspeak but the web log is empty (‘Waiting for events… Send some events using Particle.publish() in your firmware. Visit the docs to learn more about publishing events.’)

The Thingspeak events are inconsistent, and I’d like to debug by viewing the logs to know whether there are issues in my code (e.g. >1 button press in a single loop) or problems with Particle.publish() function.

In case it is relevant, here is a related section of my code:

// For each of the four buttons, read value and publish if button state has been pressed
// We don't care about button releases (for now)
playPauseVal = digitalRead(playPausePin);      // read input value and store it in val

if (playPauseVal != playPauseButtonState) {          // the button state has changed!
  if (playPauseVal == LOW) {                // check if the button is pressed
     String temp = String(100);
     Particle.publish("temp", temp, PRIVATE);
playPauseButtonState = playPauseVal;                 // save the new state in our variable

Within a few minutes of posting this, the full log data is available. Not sure what changed (nothing on my end?) but dashboard is v helpful interface. Thanks, guys.