Error in events log when publishing to ThingSpeak

I'm publishing an event to ThingSpeak. The data is showing up fine, but I'm also getting some error event:

hook-error/temperature/0 - error status 404 from
hook-error/temperature/0 - Sleeping, too many errors, please wait and try again

I'm publishing once every 60 seconds if that makes a difference.

Thanks for any help/info

Update: I looked at my integrations, and there's a second one that I had hooked up to Google Cloud Platform (about 2 years ago, and completely forgot about). The event associated with that was temperature, so I changed the one I'm currently working on to temperature2024. The problem persisted, so I disabled the old integration, and now I'm good.

So, my hypothesis is that the temperature2024 event I was publishing, and connecting to ThingSpeak, somehow was also triggering the temperature event associated with GCP. I don't quite understand why that would be happening, so if anyone could explain I'd be grateful!

The event name used in the integration is meant as a prefix.
So any event starting with temperature (including temperature2024 ) will still be caught by any integration that is looking for temperature

That's by design.

That's the same behaviour as Particle.subscribe()