The great SparkFun Photon ProtoShield Price matching SALE

So you have probably seen that Sparkfun @Chipaddict are about to release a series of products for the Photon. This includes a prototyping shield. So cool competition in the ever hot Particle prototyping shield market. So I feel like I need to respond to the new competition.

Before the Sparkfun marketing machine starts to diminish sales of my amazing rectangle of FR-4 I need to take advantage of the brief and only advantage I have. I’ve got stock. I’ve got lots of stock. I’ve got stock for day’s even plural years but I digress.

Announcing the Great SparkFun Photon ProtoShield Price matching sale. From now until I see a SparkFun Photon ProtoShield used in a project in the wild i’ll match SparkFun’s prices.

But wait their is more!

I’ve reduced my shipping rates to take account of the sinking value of the Australian dollar vs the US and a blatant disregard for the value of my own time.

It should be fairly obvious but I’ll explicitly state that my Protoboards will work for the Photon as well. The only difference is that the my board is labeled for the Core and on the Photon three of the pins have different functions/labels, doesn’t really effect its prototyping ability.

Enter the following discount code in my Tindie Store here

The code B25A4D6 gives you $2.50 off which conviniantly works for my single, three and five packs. If you want further discounts for 10+ get it touch and I’ll sort you out a better price.

And just for fun a little competition that will encourage project sharing and advantage my previous customers. 10 free Protoboards to the first project post including one of my boards. and 5 for the second. Shoot me a message with a link to claim your prize.

Thanks and good luck to Sparkfun in the competitive world of the Particle protoboard.


So I’d been planing on sorting out the sale for a couple of weeks, just been too busy. Hours after writing this Sparkfun’s proto boards went from preorder to in stock. Must have been something in the air. Hope it’s clear the my post is meant to be taken as light heated. Sometimes I think Aussie humour doesn’t translate very well.