The Electron Phone


I recently came up with the idea (just some free time today and hanging out in the sun - dreaming of hardware) of using the Electron as a handheld communication devices - just a bit like an old pager - but with additional back end service for enabling integrations with (for example) Slack, IFTTT triggers and so on.

The device would feature:

  • Electron
  • Small OLED Display (similar size as Electron - bit larger)
  • Buttons for navigation
  • Alternative: Numeric Keypad for SMS like text input
  • Battery of course…

Messaging could be done using Particle’s pub/sub system. SMS services could be also realized using ublox AT - commands for example.

Just an idea - but I really love the Electron and this device would allow me carrying an Electron around - and keep looking at it :laughing:

@simmikolon, cool idea! SMS can only be done with a 3rd party SIM since it is not supported by the Particle SIM (at least at this time). :wink:

I’ve thought about this a million times now also using the low power Sharp Memory LCD displays but I always come back to the conclusion that it’s pretty hard to beat the modern day full HD, 4G smartphone we’re already carrying around with us everyday :smile:


:laughing: Sure! It wasn’t meant to be a smartphone replacement - not at all - just a different kind of device that carries an Electron …

I wanted to make one to display daily quotes and weather info.

Or one to display custom advertising on a LED matrix display that can be remotely updated.

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