I want to know if on purchasing THE ASSET TRACKER bundle the following are included
(1) a weather-proof enclosure(2) a GPS shield/module (3)a 3G or the 2G Electron module (3) sensor boards.


Here you can find what the kit includes


Thanks for your prompt reply.I intend to do both sensing/monitoring(temperature)as well as tracking.I want to know if temperature and/or other sensors included in the kit.


Perhaps read this?


Sorry friend.I think you missed sending me the reading stuff u r mentioning.


Some of the Particle kits include an LED and a Light Sensor (Photodiode or Photo resistor) plus 2 resistors but not a temperature sensor(s). What temperature sensing you want to do (accuracy, range) would determine the sensor you need to select. You also need to consider how you will communicate with the sensor/fetch the temperature reading. Simple temperature sensors vary their resistance or allow a voltage proportional to the temperature - this can be read by one of the analog pins and converted to a temperature reading. More complicated sensors might use one-wire or two-wire/I2C to read from the sensor and can often measure humidity as well for example; DHT22.