Testing Particle Electron 3G (Americas) in Asia

We are developing a product for a client in America (using Electron 3G/ Asia) from Asia.

After development we will ship the product with Electron 3G/ America.

As we are doing all the development using the Asian version of the Electron, how do we test using the American version of the Electron ? Any advice would be appreciated.

Please share any experience that may be useful in our scenario?

You can send an electron programmed with your firmware and ship it to your client in America and get them to power it up. This would give you confidence that the electron (using the suitable version for America) works in the area that the product will be deployed.

As the Electron is connected to the :cloud:, you are able to monitor it remotely using awesome :particle: features like pub-sub, function, variable etc.

However, there’s really not a need for this since essentially, swapping the electron to a correct version that works with in America before shipping the final product should work. :wink: