Please Help! - looking for a Particle Developer in USA

We have a Particle Electron shipped to a customer in NY from Asia. Unfortunately the electron has old firmware 0.4.9. Shipping a new Electron from Asia to USA takes time.

Therefore, If someone has a NEW Electron (US version), if they can ship it with the latest firmware 0.6.1 (along with the SIM card) to our customer it would be really appreciated.

I will pay for Electron & Additional charges that you may have.

You help would be greatly appreciated. Please reach me out at my below email:


Can you not instruct your customer how to update or do an OTA update?

Tried an OTA from 0.4.9 to 0.6.1 directly, I had a success response but the Particle Electron stopped responding.

Later, from Particle forum, I realised that I had to update to v0.5.3 before updating to 0.6.1.

Asking a corporate customer to update is a really big ask, as they are not familiar with these.

Does this mean you already did the OTA update after realising this?

I did an OTA update before realising it.