Temperature & Water Flow

Im throwing around some ideas with what i would like to do with my Particle, and just wondering if its possible to create a temperature and water flow meter (temp of water).
To get the date then push it to the cloud to then work out the rest (or store it all as such)


Doesn’t sound too tough a project :slight_smile:

I’m a N00b so who knows haha


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You should start with sensors:


Would be good to look at and see if they meet your needs. I don’t know of a temp sensor already in a pipe or hose, so you will likely have to build that yourself.

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Adafruit has a nice selection of sensors and when there is some kind of communication required, a library to implement that. They also do application notes with circuit diagrams for cases when some electronic conditioning is required, however, they don’t have much of an industrial range of sensors and sometimes the better enclosure for a sensor is found in the industrial market.

Google searches are almost useless in some domains due to the heavy advertising SEO clutter, but you can get to what you want pretty quickly with an image search rather than web search. So if you’re looking for a temperature sensor encased in a metal probe with a waterproof penetration point and you type something rather specific like that into Google image search, you can probably see what you want. That’s the method I’ve used to locate sensor and other electronics devices.

If you type Pipe Temperature Sensor into Google images you’ll get a great page full of ideas. You can follow the image to the info page, and sometimes read a great blog post, or purchase what you want.

Good luck

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  1. How fast do you need to read a temp. change?
  2. Do you want to measure the volume of water flow? like 2.63 gallons per minute?
  3. What kind of pipe are you using (pvc, iron, )?
  4. What temperature range are you working with?

If it is not confidential, a description of your project may help.

Thank you for the replies everyone :smile:
Temperature change and flow wise, actually its for a pet water fountain :smiley:

Do cold water and safe pipe etc…


If you don’t need fast testing of temp., I have used a thermistor taped to the outside of the pipe, then put insulation over that.
As far as a water flow sensor, I have not had any experience with that.

I have ordered these on Amazon :smile:

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