Pressure and waterflow library?


I wonder if there is any pressure sensor and waterflow sensor library existing that i can import for use with my photon.
I would like an library since it makes the code clean in the INO file.

When i try to search the library i cant find any but it could exist under a different name?
Im not good enough with coding ( yet :slight_smile: ) to port/create them myself but hoped it already exist.

I am using WebIDE.


Which sensor are you using?

Hello, i have not bought the sensors yet.
I have not found the once i need yet since i need it to be very accurate for the water, i will handle over 300000 liters of water and 10% of on that will be to much :frowning:

Im asking this question so i will be prepared.
i guess there is no template that fits all :)?

I will return with my questions when im sure about what sensors will be used.

Thank you.

Some sensors are analog, some are digital with based on pulses, and more professional may come with modbus or similar interface, or even 4-20mA type, so the answer will vary alot depending on type.

Generally analog is the easy sensor to read, but also sensitive to electrical noise.