Telemetry, finding lost R/C and much more

Let’s see : take a Spark Electron, connect to your R/C plane, truck or whatnot sensors, including a GPS (TinyGPS if one not already in your R/C), power through R/C battery or a separate battery, but also a small solar panel for backup emergency power and … tada … you not only get live telemetry over 2G/3G and possibly WiFi (adding a Photon ?) or even BlueTooth (add something ?) AND now also FIND your crashed/lost R/C vehicle wherever it happens to be especially if the solar panel can get a bit of sunshine from time to time to send a ‘beep’ of help. You could do geofencing and it can ‘call’ for help if someone (wind, water) takes it too far from your BlueTooth or WiFi (short range) or a G2/G3 (long range) (ex: 2 km from where you stood at launch) with built in tracking/polling… Have a camera on board ? Maybe grab a snapshot or movie clip (on demand, especially if G2 or G3) to help with the search and rescue ?

Of course, someone needs to bring all of this together (I am not there … yet).

Any Open Source programmer(s) out there willing or already working on somehting like this ? For Android and iOS ?

Cool idea, but what exactly do you miss?

I'm not aware that a similar project was already presented here, but I've seen most - if not all - the pieces required for this project provided in this forum.

When you say

It's just like (@psb777 ;-)) LEGO playing, you got the bricks - let your imagination flow and you'll end up with your own personal castle, you never new you'd be able to build :wink:
And if you're missing a crucial brick for your castle - we'll be here to help you find it :+1:

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It’s better than Lego, and it’s worse than Lego. It turns out the catalogue of parts is closely held by some Danish Lego Priesthood, and the magic incantations required to get the red bits to plug into the yellow bits changes regularly and is never fully disclosed. Except for power consumption and size Raspberry Pi is a much better Meccano, a much better “personal castle”, and you can build those things you never anticipated with a much less artificially restricted imagination, using any number of languages, and any number of processes, without requiring insanely primitive debugging techniques, and quicker. The IoT MCU won’t be an Arduino workalike.

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It may be like building with blocks, as a lot of technology is these days, but one still needs to roll up their sleeves and get their hands a bit dirty. Connect Lego blocks the wrong way and just start over. Connect these electronic blocks the wrong way and … well you might fry one or two of them as you learn.

What I mostly need is to complete a few other projects before starting yet an other one. As for the Electron, I would need to get my hands on at least one, but it’s still in KickStarter mode (?)

So it looks like it will be closer to summer time before ‘I get there’. I could start prep’ing on paper…

According to the kickstarter, the first ones are planned for october. You could however start playing with the Core/Photon, since they should be mostly code compatible.

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