Switch RSA Key via OTA

[Using Photon]
Currently I set my photons to use Particle Cloud but later I want to switch to my own instance, for that I need to swap cloud keys is it possible to switch them at run time or using OTA? How about Cloud IP Host?

PS. I have an instance of Spark-Server running it works fine with Core but not very stable with Photon so I decided to go with Particle cloud then switch later.

I tried this in the past but i’m not sure if you want to do it remotely.

It would be better to change via DFU directly

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@kennethlimcp I’m going to install these on different places, after that I won’t be able to access them any more. Relying on WiFi :pray:

My solution was to have both keys on device and then switch at run time when time comes. I’ll try and post the result here (ETA, few weeks :wink: )

Thank you