Local Particle Core, not able to change it back to the cloud


I have a Particle Core which I used with the cloud before/ I have been trying to move from the cloud to a local server and was able to do so. There is a great guide by Kenneth that has the whole process laid out. After that initial experiment I wanted to take the core back to the cloud and reverted the certificates back to the original ones but now when I try to connect it flashes cyan likes its trying to connect then flashes red for a bit and repeats it over and over.

I was thinking that maybe I could reinstall the whole firmware to get it to factory settings and then try again the local and cloud swap to see if it can be done on demand.

Where can I find the latest firmware to install it on the micro?

Any hints, tips, suggestions are welcomed.

Thank you,

  • Perform a factory reset

  • Download the Public key (https://s3.amazonaws.com/spark-website/cloud_public.der)

  • Place the core in DFU mode and particle keys server cloud_public.der

  • Get the device id of the device or use particle serial identify in Listening mode

  • Place the core in DFU mode and particle keys doctor deviceid

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@kennethlimcp I did the above mentioned process but now it flashed orange(yellow and red) then it goes to flash red for a bit and then flashes cyan and repeats. Any ideas?

Thank you for the help

That indicates bad keys. Can you try to do:

  • particle keys new my_device
  • particle keys load my_device.der <— DFU mode
  • particle keys send device_id my_device.pub.pem

There might be an issue with doctor that is fixed but not released yet.

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This solved the issue! Thank you!