Switching your core back and forth between the local cloud

Hey Guys!

OK, so if you want to switch your core back to the Spark Cloud, you’ll need to change some keys back on your core.

1.) Grab this file: https://s3.amazonaws.com/spark-website/cloud_public.der

2.) run: spark keys server cloud_public.der

3.) either use your existing key, or load back your saved key with spark keys load pre_my_old_key.der or you can try spark keys doctor.



getting a 403 error, and i assume its not supposed to have a 3 on the end .der3 ?

Where’s the icon for head-desk… Oops, thanks!

i think that’s the same key as linked from @kennethlimcp’s tutorial, but for some reason flashing that to the spark did not reconnect to the spark cloud. it does now.

oddly enough i got local cloud working once - it saw the core in the debug terminal, although couldn’t see it via “spark list”. can’t get it working again now though

Hi @sej7278,

The server key controls where the core tries to connect. If your local IP address changed, then the core won’t be able to find your server, so you can either use a domain name, or a static IP, or you can change your key to match your new local server IP address. Also be careful when changing your core’s public key, since both servers need a copy of the public key.