SWD Programming Write Protection

I was trying to reload the bootloader on an Eseries via SWD and received the below error when trying to connect to it. How can the write protection be disabled?

09:08:33 : Device ID:0x411 
09:08:33 : Device family :STM32F2xx
09:08:33 : Can not read memory!
                  Disable Read Out Protection and retry.
09:08:47 : [electron-bootloader@1.5.1+lto.bin] opened successfully.
09:08:47 : [electron-bootloader@1.5.1+lto.bin] checksum : 0x00175364 
09:08:56 : Read out protection is activated.
09:09:13 : Read out protection disabled.
09:09:13 : Some flash sectors are write protected.
                  The write protection will be disabled then restored after flash programming
                  in case there is no option bytes segment within the file.
09:09:14 : Device memory program canceled
09:09:20 : Can not connect to device!
09:09:23 : Disconnected from device.

In this document: https://support.particle.io/hc/en-us/articles/360039251414

Scroll down to the section “If you get the error “Device Security Bit Set” you will also need to reset the RDP level” for the instructions on how to disable read-out protection.

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