Cannot write bootloader using ST-Link utility

My particle electron bricked after updating to device os 1.0.1 and get into dim D7 mode.

I tried to recover it by connecting SWD to ST-Link debugger and it detected the device however it cannot write boot loader!

To program bootloader

Error when start program

Option byte as below

What should I do to recover the board again?

Do you have these settings?

  • SWD (you can use JTAG if you connect the rest of the pins)
  • 4.0 MHz (though slower speeds will work too)
  • Access Port 0
  • Hot Plug mode
  • Software System Reset reset mode

From the log into looks like you do, except may be software system reset. Makes sure that’s selected.

Also make sure you connect pin 1 on the ST-LINK (VCC) to 3V3 on an actual ST-LINK/V2 device. It’s a voltage sense pin, not a power pin, and if you don’t connect it programming will fail.

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Here is the settings I am using.
Not sure why target voltage only reads about 1.3V when connected to 3.3V from the electron board.

If you have a voltmeter, check the voltage of the 3V3 pin. If the voltage regulator has failed, and it’s actually 1.3V, then then would explain why you’re in Dim D7 and also why you can’t program it.

Measured voltage is exactly 3.3v and not sure why the st-link says it is not.

I solved this issue by myself.
The problem was not connecting Target VCC (Pin1 of ST-LINK) to 3.3v from the board.
I should have connected the TVCC pin as below.
And I can get voltage reading 3.3V

Now I finally can reset the Option bytes and reprogram bootloader!

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