Flash protection re-enabled?

Hi, I have a question regarding the flash read protection. Here is what I have done:

  1. Connect via JTAG - it asks about the read protection. I answer YES to unlock the device, which triggers a mass flash erase.
  2. Program bootloader, and 3 system parts (Electron)
  3. Allow firmware to boot. The system starts up and begins to run the default app.
  4. Hook up JTAG to debug.
  5. The system says the flash is read protected, again.

Does the firmware/bootloader re-enable the flash read protection? I’d like to temporarily skip/comment that out until I am done debugging with JTAG

thanks for any assistance -

The RDP level should default to 0 (fully readable by JTAG) and never be reset by the boot loader or system firmware. I’m not sure why it’s changing for you; that should never happen.

OK, thanks.

I’ll dig further to see what’s going on