Sudden DIM LED's

Greetings, I’ve just finished getting an RFM69 communicating with my Argon (since moving away from Mesh). All seemed well at first. Suddenly however, I noticed that the 3 status LED’s that I’m using are now incredibly dim. Have I somehow inadvertently let out the magic smoke? Everything else works fine the setup is:

Argon with RFM69 Feather, an OLED Feather, PIR to control the OLED (on/off) and the LED’s. I figure my current draw is ~130mA which should be well below anything dangerous. For the record I have the Radio turned down to a pretty low power level …

I’ve tried loading up ledBlink just to make sure it wasn’t somehow code related and additionally removed a resistor to one LED to see if there was a change. There was no affect so I’m some how being currently limited by the board itself.

Thoughts? Suggestions?