Argon/Photon etal and OLED

Hi Guys
Please do not spend too much time on this but this is weird and has anybody else come across it.
Using an AZ Delivery 1.3inch OLED with Grove 128x64 code from GitHub.
Works OK apart from - this is where it gets weird. On first power up and code installation all is good, screen behaves as expected. Changed .cpp to give larger font, happy days.
Shut down for the night and next day power up and screen is upside down showing only standard text size. Leave alone for many days, near the bin, and power up and all good behaving as expected. I do not know of any tiny capacitor that will hold its charge that long.
OK, I can use the display as a multi line, upside down, tiny text but would love to understand what is going on.
One other thing - tried to use the U8G2 lib from web IDE - just goes round and round.
Cheers guys

I have always used the Adafruit_SSD1306_RK library - various displays and sizes, 128x32 and 128x64 and never seen what you have described.

Many thanks for your reply. I have an Adafruit OLED 128x32 from Particle which is fine.
These OLED’s are cheap modules via Ebay, a few posts on the Arduino boards that have had the same problem but no solutions. My question is how a device coded to do a function does not do the same function when next powered up or recoded with the same software. Suppose something in flash memory? No reset pin on these modules.

That explanation suggests that the driver object initiator isn’t correctly initialising, i.e. there is a register that it is not setting but which is being updated and hence the undefined behaviour. My experience with the cheap boards has been that they either work or don’t work. Are you using the library I suggested or another?

Hi Will

Yes, wouldn’t even initialize properly. I have given up with them, put them in the junk box.

Ordering a Waveshare 2.9 inch 296x128 Pixel E-Ink Three-color Display Module when (if) I determine Xenon or Argon memory (character only) fit the display requirements.

Good to chat.

Cheers Graham

Just watch out, with the 3-color E-Ink you will be looking at 10-15 seconds refresh time.

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That’s why I am waiting for the data sheet. Brief spec says partial refresh feature and I will be OK with a couple of seconds. Will let the team know how I get on.
This is just an experimental project to keep me sane during lockdown.


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