Deep fried argon?

I’ve just done something careless. Sitting down to do a bit of dev work, I moved my (gateway) argon into a powered USB hub, stuck some power in and turned on. A couple of minutes later I realised I had plugged in a 12v power supply into the hub, rather than 5v. The hub has a little melted section on and the Argon is dead.

Plugging it into a PC power port, the charge light does come on for a little bit and the bottom feels warm, but there is no sign of life. Is this now a bit of junk?

I suspect the internal fuse has gone, where is this physically located and is there any way to replace it?

In terms of the mesh, if I get another argon is there a way to put that in as the new gateway or do I have to create a new mesh?

A 12V signal will pass through the fuse, and then most likely destroy the nRF52840 MCU and the XC9258 voltage regulator, as the 12V is well above the absolute maximum ratings. Unfortunately there is no way to move a mesh gateway to another device.

Thanks, that is what I thought. I was looking at the Eagle schematics and what I think is the fuse has a ‘p-’ symbol on it. A multimeter on there says it is fine. The fact the board gets warm suggests something is getting through and the rest is broken.

I’m really annoyed with myself now!

Fuses typically protect against over-current - not over-voltage.