No light status when turned on


I received my argon about 2 days ago and it was working fine the first day. I turned it on and connected it to wifi. Today nothing happens when I turn it on. Only small yellow flash from the small sub LED CHG light.

Connected to USB pin and nothing. Tried different cables etc. Nothing. Just a tiny flash of yellow from CHG LED near the USB…

No light next to d7 either

Any RGB LED signals when you hold SETUP while plugging in the device?
Any other lights when you press/hold RESET?

No absolutly nothing other than the small chrg led near the USB plug that lights up briefly.

Appears to be a hardware issue - you can open a support ticket at

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Thank you. I did yesterday ticket ID is 77648

Waiting for them to get back to me.

Thanks again

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Did you figure out what happened? This just happened to me on a Xenon