Storing values chosen in app for use upon reboot

Similar questions have been asked in the past but the devs deemed a solution to be in progress.
For an example project, say an rgb led is connected, and in the app the pwm values from 0-255 of each of the 3 colours can be selected through a function ( chooseColor(int red, int green, int blue) ), now once power is disconnected the values are erased and won’t be retrieved again until selected in the app by the user.

From research and my own ideas I have 4 potential solutions:

  1. Use the EEProm and store each of the values in memory
  2. Use an onboard buttonCell to sustain VBat power and keep values in SRAM?
  3. Store values on the particle cloud and fetch upon booting again.
  4. Store values in external database like firebase and use a webhook to fetch it.

Has there been any progress on a more straight forward solution? Thanks!

Edit: A cloud solution is preferable so if a user changes the values while the device is offline, the new stored values would be loaded.

What would be more straight forward than 1 & 2?

EEPROM works well and a battery is OK but is probably unnecessary, however if a cloud system exists I would be more interested in tinkering with that. I think it could be cool if a user could change the colour while the device is offline and store it in the cloud or database, and once the photon goes online again the new values are pulled. Have you heard of any use similar to this?

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There isn’t anything like that off the shelf yet and not in the near future either.

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