Saved values after reboot/repower or is there could there be cloud stored variables?

Hi Folks! Is there any way to store a value or set a flag within the spark cloud that can save the value in case of reboot/repower of core? If I have relays activated, I want them to be reactivated in case of a power loss/restore or reboot - of course only if I set the value before the power loss or reboot. It would be cool to have a few spark-cloud variables or registers that could be written to and save info - even if it’s just a few flags. Perhaps have a result code in case of loss of cloud connection to use local variable until cloud reconnect.
Thank you.

@MisterNetwork, you have two great choices here:


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Excellent @peekay123 !

Thank you!

I may or may not be quietly working on cloud stored values for the Core. :slight_smile: It’s a feature I want to make available, but I want to give it enough time to polish it well. The Flashee library is a great solution as well though!