Still Connecting to cloud in Manual Mode

Hi all, I have a problem in my particle photon. My photon system mode is in MANUAL Mode, but my photon still trying to connect to cloud. It can be seen that LED in photon is blinking cyan rapidly and code in setup function is not be executed. Why is it happened ? Please help me.
Thank you.

Are you sure you flashed the new code to the correct device?

If your building code using the desktop IDE software be sure the save the file before compiling and flashing the new code.

Thank you for your answer.
Yes i’m sure, i have flashed .bin file to the correct photon. I have used particle developer software and Web IDE. And of course, saving file before flashing. And the result is same, photon still trying to connect to cloud. How to solve this problem on photon hardware ?

This is my code :

Do you flash OTA or wired?
If the latter and you had built your firmware for a system firmware incompatible with the one on your device, then the device will try to auto-update the system firmware which would make it connect to the cloud to pull the binaries from there, usually going into Safe Mode (breathing magenta).
But if your device - for some reason - can’t connect to the cloud, you will see it blinking cyan forever.

  • What system version have you got on your device?
  • What system version are you targeting?
  • Have you got the latest CLI (currently 1.29.0) installed?
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I flash wired. Using DFU mode.
System version on device is 0.7.0, and i target the same version of firmware while compiling.
Yes i have latest CLI (ver. 1.29.0) installed on my computer.
If the device want to connect to the cloud to make auto update, then the problem is my device cant connect to cloud even in the save mode. How to solve this problem. ? please help me.

With CLI 1.29.0 particle update in DFU Mode should update the system firmware.
Since you already have installed a 0.7.0 application firmware it might not work to the full.
If that’s the case you may need to update the bootloader manually too.

Download this
and then in Listening Mode (blinking blue) run

particle flash --serial bootloader-0.7.0-photon.bin

Yess, you are the best Sir. I can use my photon locally now. Thank You very much for your help. :blush:

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