Starting with a blank STM32F205

I am trying to flash a brand new STM32F205* .
As far as I understood I have to:

  • Flash the bootloader starting at address 0x08000000.
  • Flash the Firmware starting at address 0x08004000

The STM32 is in the programming socket (WaveShare STM32 QFP64) and connected via STLINK V2. I tried uploading both, the bootloader and the Firmware to the addresses above. The Firmware had a very basic LED blink sketch included, just to see if the upload works.
Unfortunately no success.

Thankful for any input!

Silly question, but which F205? The letters after 205 say what the flash/ram size is. You’ll need a 1M flash/128k RAM variant, I’d say.

STM32F205RGT6, same as on the Electron.

And whose bootloader? The Particle bootloader? Because the Particle boot loader jumps to the system firmware located at 0x08020000. The configuration flash is located at 0x8004000.

Yes, the particle bootloader. I will try at 0x08002000