Electron boot loop

So, I believe I’ve just fixed one of my Electrons that somehow wiped its own bootloader. The “no firmware” state of the STM MCU.

Through some ST-Link and particle flash --usb work it is more or less behaving itself, now, and I still have a small issue that I can’t work out.

It boots and immediately goes into breathing white, then blinking green, then blinking cyan, but then does not do what I expect, and goes back to breathing white, and loops through these three states, apparently forever.

Is this a familiar thing to anyone? I’m not sure what I need to do to fix this particular issue.

System firmware is 0.6.0 (flashed successfully over USB) and the bootloader is whatever the latest is on rikkas7’s github.

Can you enter Safe Mode?
Have you tried particle update and particle flash --usb tinker? (with CLI 1.22.0)

I solved it just as you replied. I always ask questions too soon.

particle keys doctor resolved it.