Bootloading+Programming STM32F205


I have a raw STM32F205 from Digikey that I want to program using the Arduino IDE. I’ve used the RedBear Duo with the Arduino IDE a good bit and would like to mimic that with basically my own version of the RedBear Duo board (removing the WiFi module to save space and money but keeping the STM32). After wiring up the 205 VDD/VSS/BOOT/RST/VSSA/VDDA pins according to the datasheet and connecting with 4 wires to an ST-LINK/V2 programmer, I was unsuccessful in installing the bootloader, as evidenced when failing to get the uC to program with Arduino (or be recognized). The current hardware configuration of the 205 is pretty barebones (no ext oscillator, no ext flash, just decoupling caps and some pull-up/pull-down resistors), so maybe the bootloader requires those. In parallel to getting those parts in and setting them up, I had the thought to see if anyone has already done this before. Any suggestions for mounting the bootloader and confirming proper operation?