SPI1.begin() for P1

Hi all

Just trying to figure out whether SPI1 has been implemented or not for the P1?
I’m still getting a compile error in Particle Dev, is this just because it hasn’t been updated in the compile service yet?

The following thread says an issue was about to be raised for it however I can’t find it on Github.

Do I need to compile locally to access this feature?


Any ideas about this guys? @BDub? I know everyones busy :slight_smile:

@G65434_2, did you ever receive a reply about using SPI1 with the P1? Have you taken a look at the SD card library adapted for the Photon at https://github.com/head-labs/sd-card-library.git ?


Hi @shm45

Yes SPI1 does work with the P1, I have been compiling locally but I imagine it has been released to the compile service by now so should work on the online IDE or Particle DEV…?
Does the SD card library include an example of this? Sorry not sure if you’re asking about this or letting me know that it works? :slight_smile:

Hello @G65434_2, I just wanted to know if you were successful in using SPI1 with the P1. Thanks for confirming!