P1 SPI1 and Spare IO


Just wondering when support for SPI1 will come for the P1? I’m assuming it currently isn’t supported as I get a compile error with SPI1.begin().
Also is there any way for us currently to use the ‘spare’ pins on the P1? Even as GPIO?


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The spare pins should be available in the next release. Right now you can locally compile the firmware to get access to the spare pins.

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Thanks @wesner0019

I had been following your post Photon/P1 pin function chages
But there didn’t seem to be much progress!
I note 0.4.4 came out a couple of days ago, however no talk of of this being included in it.

@BDub, is there an approximate timeframe of when we might expect these updates?

The changes have already been made, see below.

The new P1 spare pins as GPIO are definitely in 0.4.4, but this hasn’t been released to the compile-service yet. The release schedule is asap! Come Monday morning we’ll collectively be back on it… and some of us are working on it this weekend as well.


Thanks guys, really appreciate it. I apologise I need to get up to speed on GitHub a bit more.
@BDub, will support for SPI1 be added in this release as well?