SPI Slave mode using Boron 404X

Configuring the Boron as the master for SPI works as expected. However configuring the SPI (SPI1) in Slave mode does not seem to work at all. Reviewed the snippet of code in the forum using other devices in SPI Slave mode but the Boron does not work. Has anyone configured the Boron in this mode or has advice for me. Thank you!!

Hi @KB1DC!

I'm Alberto, from the TAM team, I will gladly assist in solving your issue. Can you tell me a little more about it?

  • What boron model are you using?
  • On what device OS are you working?
  • Can you share the snippet you are trying to compile?
  • How you can tell the SPI is not working? What have you tried until now?

Good Morning Alberto – thank you for the quick response!

Please see below my responses to your questions.

Any reply to this issue? Thanks

Hi Jon, seems like your responses got lost somehow, could it be?
@jalbersr FYI.