Spi pins for Argon

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I have an Argon and I want to attach a sensor and use SPI for communication. I need to figure out the pins I need to connect to on the Argon to get the sensor working.

So as far as I can figure out is the following:
Sensor MOSI - to Argon pin MI
Sensor MISO.- to Argon pin MO
Sensor SCK.- to Argon pin SCK

Sensor SI - not sure about this one
Sensor CS - connect to any digital pin?

power and ground I know.

Is this correct?



If you can state what device that is we may be able to help.

SI is not a standard SPI pin.

Yes, you just need to tell the controller which pin to use as ChipSelect (SlaveSelect) pin.


Thanks for the info…decided not to use this sensor!