Spark powered basketball hoop

I connected an arcade style basketball hoop game we have at work to the Internet. There’s also a web-based page that subscribes to the server-sent-events and shows the score on a big screen.

With the spark core, it was super easy. I was able to connect the core to the hook without making any permanent modifications to the game itself.

I’m thinking about extending the software to include some simple tournament logic to have a competition at work. :smile:

Source code can be found at


Very cool! Love the JQuery enabled score board web app too :wink:

I recorded the sounds from a basketball hoop that taunts you… maybe I’ll dig those up and share them with you.

Here ya go:

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Nice! I like that you didn’t hack the internals of the Basketball game at all, just a good old fashioned switch and 75 lines of firmware code.

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Since the game belongs to the company, I wouldn’t be able to get away with making any modifications. I was also thinking about relaying the signals from the switches back to the original control unit using some opto-isolators. Then people can still play the original way if the projector wasn’t turned on.