Spark Powered 3D Printer?

At the end of this video it says “Spark Powered”. Does this mean its running on the Spark Core?

The printer is pretty cool either way.

Really cool! Thanks for sharing. I think they mean powered by Autodesk Spark.

I was wondering the exactly same thing!

We need more RAM to really do a Spark-powered 3D printer. I could piggyback a Spark off the Arduino Mega RAMPS board, but still need more RAM to be able to accept anything like GCODE instructions over a web server. When the Photon hits, I think we’re more likely to see Spark in the 3D printing world. Might still need to piggyback off of something like an Arduino Mega or a bunch of shift registers or something just to get enough GPIO to run 5+ stepper motors, 2+ thermistors, 2+ relays, etc.

First person to port OctoPrint to a Spark gets a free beer (or coffee or whatever) on me!


5 steppers can be done easy with 5 wires :smile: maybe with the photon we will have enough RAM…