Spark Dev on Mac OS very high CPU load on idle


While using my laptop to run Spark Dev I noticed a very fast battery drain. Here are the results running the ‘Activity Monitor’. I am using OS X 10.8.5
Just running Spark Dev (0.0.19) with one empty window:

now running spark dev with one empty window and the serial monitor open:

If I run the Arduino IDE to do the same I get a CPU usage of less then 5%. Why is the Spark Dev using so much CPU?


We have an issue logged about this and will be looking into it Thanks for reporting :slight_smile: As you can see I’d like to see it be more efficient as well!

I’ve been wondering what caused my laptop to run so hot lately and traced it down to running Serial Monitor in Particle Dev. Is there a solution to this other than quitting Particle Dev and restarting without the Serial Monitor?

I’m on windows and dev on my system just locks up with high cpu for a couple of minutes before coming back to life again, so didn’t think it’s just a mac problem,

I am having this problem too on OSX 10.11 connecting to a Particle Core.

I’ve narrowed this down to Serial Monitor. Are you using that feature?