Spark Dev compiler has timed out or encountered an error

Hi all.

I’m trying to replicate this instructable I found that I thought would be fun to cut my teeth on. My cores arrived and I was preparing them by attmepting to flash them with the supplied files on step 10. However I can’t seem to be able to verify and compile the code. I keep getting the error that the compiler has timed out or encountered an error seen in the screen shot below:

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?


Could you try to remove the blanks from your project path?

I’ve just been struggling with this unhelpful message. It turned out to be resolved by fixing what showed up on a port of the code in the Arduino IDE to be linker errors (I had missed out the class names on a couple of methods, leaving them as bare functions). YMMV.

I’ve been coming across this problem as well (2 years later). My workaround is to compile using the CLI. E.g.

particle compile photon MyProject/ --saveTo MyProject.bin

At least this way you get the compiler errors to show up in the shell.