Spark Core Solid Purple


I’ve been using my core for a new project recently which I’ll document and post shortly. However I think something has gone wrong with it because I can’t seem to get it to stop showing a solid purple light.

Looking through the trouble shooting docs, solid purple isn’t listed in there. - There is another thread on the same issue, but that said that solid purple means it has been bumped off of the server whilst updating the firmware.

I’ve reset several times which makes no difference.

So I did a factory reset, reconnected it to the wifi … only to get the same purple light back.

Any ideas how I overcome this?




I only encounter Magenta during OTA flashing. Is that the colour that you are referring to?

A factory reset should use the default tinker firmware and everything should work properly. Is this an old core?

Its one of the original Core’s from the kickstarter campaign.

Here is a video showing what happens … I’ve started after trying a factory reset and connecting to it using the app… which takes me back to purple / magenta.

You can try doing a CC3000 patch :slight_smile:

Looks like the audio on the video isn’t very good either… what its showing is that I can connect to the core via serial com port 7 using serial monitor in arduino. But once I’ve entered the SSID it does not prompt me for the password. All lights on the core are dead during the serial connection.

How would I do that ?

Do you have Spark-cli installed?

I think I do now … I just followed your tutorial here:

and can connect to the cloud using the commands:
spark cloud login
spark cloud list

It isn’t really clear from the article what open ssl has to do with it, although I followed those instructions too

And then ran npm update -g spark-cli

… But now what do I need to do ?


Cool. Place the core in DFU mode (blinking yellow) and do this:

  • spark flash --factory tinker
  • spark flash --usb cc3000 (core will blink magenta and revert to yellow eventually)
  • spark flash --usb tinker
  • Core should now be in Listening mode for you to enter credentials using spark setup wifi
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Yep that’s done the trick :slight_smile: thanks very much for your help.