Spark core 2 Or Core modification

In case we succeded in the product idea and we want to go for mass production .
What options do we have ?

A lot of people doesnt use b/g protocol and use only n
For a product that can be bad for the end user and give hell of support from our part .

To solve that either we will pospone the final release for spark 2 (is there any release date) or can we embed the new CC chip and who can help with that ? (last resort) .

Can you HQ update us on this matter . what are you doing for this little issue ?

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If you follow up on the “will there be a Spark Core 2?” topic, you’ll notice that there are a couple of people already looking into the possibilities of the new CC chips. There have been some discussions about the future of the Spark, and I’m sure it’s a continuous discussion behind the scenes at Spark HQ. Having said that, I believe the :spark: guys are currently working on perfecting the current cores, instead of dumping those for new ones. If they were to do that, a product would never be finished due to continuous upgrades of components.
Considering the above, there’s no official plan (yet), let alone a release date for a new Core.
Hacking your current Core to accommodate the new chip isn’t a possibility either, for a multitude of reasons. Having a different package is just the least of the problems. Firmware and hardware are both based on the fact that there are two chips (ARM / WiFi), and thus would give problems if you were to simply replace one.
So in order to utilize the new chips, I believe, requires a (completely) new iteration of the Core. To say it would be a “little issue” would be an understatement I believe :wink:
Concerning the b/g/n issue, I thought most moderns routers had backward compatibility with b/g profiles, but I could be completely wrong, so don’t take my word for it.

I hope some of this was useful.

Let’s ping @kennethlimcp for some verification. (You’re kind of up-to-date on everything, which is why I ping you for everything :stuck_out_tongue:)


It’s in the plan but how much progress we are not clear :slight_smile:

Also, when’s the release date we cannot tell either. As in, I have no idea. :smiley:

Anyways…it’s like no other platform has done Wifi on this scale. Core V1 is awesome but a cool learning experience for better future products.

You can do a small market roll-out for customers who understands the risk and willing to buy still.

Also, although the core only supports b/g, most routers are on b/g/n mode and not simply n mode. At least for me, my understand living in a 1st world country where Internet is advance here, majority is still not on n-type router. :slight_smile:

So I don’t see an issue selling a product with the core V1. It still works for majority of the routers here.

I never had to mess with router settings so far and the upcoming deep release will help improve stability etc :slight_smile:

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thanks guys for the reply. Yeah kenn seems so a small roll out will give a picture. hopefull by release time a new core will be there (hope so)

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