Spark-CLI displaying wrong core status

While trying to help debug a code,

I checked if my core was online and the results returned were incorrect.

The WEB IDE shows it correctly though

Anyone seen this too?

Yep mine show for ages after unplugging and sometimes don’t show until I hit flash

Interesting… It should be hitting the same API as the WEB IDE but the result might not have been correctly read…

Ah, I can see why that’s misleading. It’s not saying it is offline, just that it doesn’t have any functions / variables exposed. I’ll add a bug to tweak that:


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I remember it showing it’s online in the past :stuck_out_tongue:

We had three different list functions, one for variables, one for functions, and one for just ‘all devices’ that I consolidated into one list function, so the output changed a bit with the last update. :smile:

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