Spark button and Electron

Will I be able to replace the photon in a Spark Button with an electron?

It would be nice to be able to power it from a battery pack that fits to the underside of the button rather than requiring a usb power supply.

Many thanks

@27escape, the Electron is longer than the Core and Photon so will not fit in the Spark Internet Button. The upcoming Power Shield should (will?) work with all three products and provide battery and solar and USB charging capability. In fact, it will include a LiPo battery! :smile:

I think the electron will fit on the internet button but protruding maybe towards the edge of the ring :wink:

Doable but with exposed pins

@kennethlimcp, not ideal (unconnected pins) but doable :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hey @27escape, it definitely won’t work as it ships stock. The socket on the Button is actually through-board, so the longer footprint of the Electron won’t plug in. You could create an adapter that goes on top of the Button, or trim the additional pins off the Electron… there’s not a clearly good solution. Who knows, maybe I’ll design a version for the Electron in the future!


Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Personally, I think a version with an electron in it would be a good idea, a more advanced version of with lights etc.