[Solved] Spark Core Serial connection impossible - Windows 10

Hi there,

I’m having real issues to connect the Spark Core to my computer. More precisely, using the Serial cannot be done. I tried to followed every tutorials I could find on the doc and this forum and it’s still impossible communicate via serial (so obviously configure the wifi).

I can put the Core in DFU mode and update it, working. When I type the commands particle serial list, it found 1 device connected via serial, COM3 - Core. When I do any other configurations, it’s always end up with a Error Opening COM3 - Access denied.

My first guess was the Serial port is opened somewhere else; The software processxp (or any other serial monitor) find it busy.

Do you have a clue why it behave like that ?

I realize that this doesn’t actually solve your problem, but I was able to use a Core in serial mode with Windows 10. The Core is in listening mode (blinking dark blue).

It should work. I suspect that some program is taking over the serial port, but I’m not sure which one that would be, unfortunately.

Did you make sure to install the serial drivers?
Would you mind trying a different USB cable and/or port (specifically, try a USB 2 instead of USB 3, if possible)?

I to update with the old drivers and the news : same problem. At the beginning I was suspecting a USB controller issue, I tried also with external USB hub (USB 2 and 3), didn’t solve the problem.

Actually the Core is working on a MacOSX computer…

@rickkas7: What do you see under Spark Core (COM5) > Properties > Details > Service.

This is what I have for Details - Service (working, Core, Windows 10):

And Driver File Details:

I have the same informations (and same versions) so the problem does not come from the drivers.

Factor reset won’t help

Ok after two days of investigation I might have solve it. I describe the procedure here.

Procedure :

  1. Open a command prompt and type : set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1
  2. Open Device manager and check View > Show Hidden devices
  3. Under the Ports section, uninstall all (hidden) devices related to Spark Core
  4. Reboot and re-connect the Spark Core. Windows 10 don’t need any drivers so it should work ! (device should be names : “SparkCore with Wifi (COM3)”)
  5. Breath

Thanks for your help !