[SOLVED] Spark Core and SSD1306 display (i2C)

I’m trying to get a simple SSD oled display (the usual 0.96" i2c module) but somehow every time I do the init of the display the Core simlpy reboots.

nothing special on my board: the display is connected on i2c (D0/D1 pins) and I do have 2.2k resistors for pullup.

I’m using the adafruit library from the Particle Web IDE, no changes, simply included the headers and declared the display variable.

when I do the display “begin” as the first line of the setup() function the Core will reboot.
I tried both the options for internal VCC or external VCC of the display … no difference… keeps rebooting.

anyone using the SSD1306 display with the adafruit library on a Core module?

opps … it was my fault, I had the display set for the wrong I2C address.

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