[Solved] Proper way to update Particle Dev? (Windows)

Short Question:

Whats the proper way to update Particle Dev. Windows?

Longish messy Setup and Question:

I currently have Particle Dev 1.5.1 (Windows) installed. I get an error when I open the Serial Monitor.

The error was thrown from the spark-dev package. Atom is out of date: 1.5.1 installed; 1.5.4 latest. Upgrading to the latest version may fix this issue.

When I choose Check for Updates in Particle Dev it says 1.5.1 is the latest version (I assume latest for Particle Dev. not Atom) Going to the Atom site I see 1.5.4 is the latest version of Atom. Installing this basically creates a portable installation of Atom with none of the Particle packages installed. As I go through through installing them it starts me down this rabbit hole of having to install .Git (which actually is installed, but for Windows) and then having to Install Docker first, which then wants VirtualBox installed But since I’m a Windows guy I use Hyper-V (HV) and VirtualBox can’t do 64bit if HV is running.

So, you can see where this is starting to getting messy for a simple update, and I’m not sure this will actually fix the issue I’m having since it says “may” fix the problem.

Can I just copy over the particle specific folders/files in ‘apm’ and ‘packages’ to the 1.5.4 installation? Or is it going to be more complicated than that?

Thank you!

This post below to another topic fixed both my Serial Issues for Particle Dev and CLI. Since I don’t get an error anymore in Particle Dev, the 1.5.1 version must be the latest and greatest and I shouldn’t have to install Atom 1.5.4. I’m assuming when it is updated by the Particle Team the Update Button will auto-magically take care of it, or point me to the proper procedure.

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