[Solved] - P1 Pin Name mapping

Feeling a little stupid here, but none of the Pin names mentioned in the P1 datasheet are declared? https://docs.particle.io/datasheets/p1-datasheet/#complete-p1-module-pin-listing

error: 'MICRO_GPIO_5' was not declared in this scope

I guess that’s no biggie because all I need to do is to include … (please insert in the correct class name here)

@jenschr, these are the P1 module pin names but not the actual mapped pin names. The mapped pins and their names are show above in the Pinout Diagram. :wink:

Duhh… Yeah.
I finally got it. It’s such a mess when you don’t print the actual Pin names on the PCB :wink:

I made the PCB 2-3 months ago and finally had time to test and play with it now. The good news - it all works as expected!

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