[SOLVED] IFTTT ingredient problems

Hi, I was just trying to go through the tutorial about ifttt here https://community.spark.io/t/beginner-tutorial-ifttt-monitor-a-device-status-trigger/9406 and I got to the part in google drive where you put in the ingredients. My core is named Sparky its online and its 8:54 so I put {{spark}}|||{{Online}}|||{{8:50}} which is correct according to the tutorial. I have tried capatils, lower cases, spaces nothing has worked. Please help!
Thanks in advance!

You shouldn’t input anything. Those things between the curly brackets are variables. They have to have a certain name, or they won’t work. As soon as the action is triggered, those will be replaced by the relevant values. You can see the ingredients you can choose by clicking on the Erlenmeyer bottle as shown in the picture below:

which will look like this:

Let us know if you need any more help. Otherwise you can just use one of the example recipes that have this configured already :wink:


In the pic on the tutorial i thought oh thats stupid its supposed to say something, I must be the youngest doing this atm so you cant blame me! Thanks!

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Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us ;)!
Out of pure curiosity, may I ask how old you are? Having turned only 20 yesterday, I don’t feel that old yet :stuck_out_tongue:

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13!:clap::+1: happy belated birthday! You can see what ive done here http://makezine.com/2014/07/16/diy-google-glass/


Okay, you definitely win :stuck_out_tongue: Glad to have you on-board! Thanks :wink:
Looking forward to seeing what you’ll create!


Welcome to the Spark community @clay! Good to have you here and hacking away :smile:. Enjoy building with Spark and let us know what you’re up to!