[Solved] How Tinker finds a Spark Core? Is there a discovery protocol? If I make my own app how it could find a Core?

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Please consider looking at http://docs.spark.io for the Getting started information.

It explains what is used for setup but in short, Smart Config is and is a proprietary thing from Texas Instruments.

Also, there are several forum topics on the subject, asking how it works, as well as answers to that question. Contrary to what experience with other forums might lead you to believe, the search function in this forum actually works really well. Please consider using it, for it would prevent a lot of duplicates. Let us know if you can’t find the required answers, and we’ll gladly help you find them.

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Additionally, it’s hard to say “Use the search function” in a way that doesn’t offend but in all honestly the search function is awesome. I usually spend around 2-3 minutes searching before posting questions. @Moors7 is correct and duplicates make is hard to find the right answer


You can find code example at TI:
CC3000 Smart Config

TI provides Smart Config example application for IOS, Android and PC devices.
This application is the configuring side in the process of
connecting CC3000 device to a specific AP using the Smart Config
In order to develop similar application for your product, please use the following wiki pages:
Smart Config Application development information - iOS
Smart Config Application development information - Android
Smart Config Application development information - PC

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Thank you very much for your help @botosu.

I just found something that you might be interested in: this post

after all, the search is not such a bad thing to do :slight_smile: