[SOLVED]Flashing with USB not working on an Electron

I can flash with OTA… in setting up the USB I get thru all the parts but can’t find the firmware.bin file to load. In the CLI I get a response that the Electron is there: “> I have detected a Electron connected via USB.” but every time I try to flash I get the message that it can’t do it over the USB. I assume it is something to do with the firmware.bin file. Where do I find / download that file?? Thanks, Keith

@kacz1, did you put the Electron in DFU mode and did you install the Zadig driver? Both need to be done if you want to flash over USB. For the firmware.bin file, how are you compiling the code - web IDE? If so, you will need to download the bin file once compile using the button on the IDE. :grinning:

I should have mentioned I’m on a Mac - Zadig is only for windows?? I did not go into DFU mode… was in listening mode… I can’t find the firmware.bin file to compile… sorry I’m a newbie… thank you for your help.

The firmware.bin will be the result of a compile (build).
And to get a binary, you need some source files to turn into (build) firmware.bin, but the location of them only you know.

So I’d repeat @peekay123’s question

or CLI or Particle Dev?

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thanks… got it working… all I needed was to CD to my desktop.