[solved] Cellular.setCredentials() vs cellular_credentials_set()

The documentation states that Cellular.setCredentials() is not currently enabled. When will this feature be available? I do not have any issues connecting with the spark system by their supposed provider, but I would like to be in control of the SIM card. If I use my own M2M cards, I have a management console where I can enable/disable the sim card, …

Have you seen this thread?
How to set 3rd party credentials for the Cellular network? [SOLVED]

Note: Cellular.setCredentials() is not currently enabled, however read on to find out how to use the cellular_hal to do the same thing with cellular_credentials_set().

 // EXAMPLE - an AT&T APN with no username or password in AUTOMATIC mode

#include "cellular_hal.h"
STARTUP(cellular_credentials_set("broadband", "", "", NULL));

void setup() {
  // your setup code

void loop() {
  // your loop code

Thank you!!! I saw that part but missed out that it uses cellular_credentials_set instead of Cellular.setCredentials

My bad