[SOLVED] Boron LTE with only VIN without Battery?

Hello All,

In the documentation for the Boron, it doesn’t say the battery is required for the Boron.

However, there is not a VIN port on the Boron.

I was hoping to get some additional clarity on how the Boron might work without a battery, while sending cellular data.


Have you seen the pinout in the block diagramm?


Hi ScruffR

Yes, I see that, but I’m not following the description of VBUS. It looks like its designed to be an output, not designed to power the unit from this port.

Specifically this line:
You can use this pin to power peripherals that operate at such voltages

Is this really designed to power the Boron from this pin?

Would powering the Boron from this pin allow Cellular operation without battery?

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Just like the Vin pin on Electrons/Photons it’s an output when the device is powered via USB or an input when not.

Yes, and this backs my claim


The Boron 2G/3G requires a battery if powered by a 500 mA USB power, such as from a laptop, like the Electron and E series. You can use it without a battery if you have a sufficiently large power supply.

The Boron LTE can be powered by a 500 mA power supply without a battery as LTE Cat M1 uses way less power than 2G/3G.


And, yes, you can apply power to the VUSB/VIN pin to power the device and/or charge the battery.


@rickkas7 The VIN of the Electron can be powered at 3.9 to 14 VDC, does this also apply to the VUSB pin of the Boron?

I believe it’s 12V for the VUSB pin when powering the Boron, see

and the next post below that one:

The Boron Docs could benefit from a little more clarity on this subject.

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