Soldering P1 using a skillet

Just wondering if anyone had any “2020” experience/recommendations on soldering P1. I have about 5 boards that i wanted to solder. Going through the post it seems like the best/cheapest way to go about this exercise is to get some solder paste, and a toaster oven? Any guidance would be much appreciated :smiley:

Hi @jrjack -

I have been wanting to start using P1’s on PCB’s instead of modules but soldering them seems a bit daunting even though I have been working hard at my soldering skills :smile:

I am a huge Weller fan so something like this might be interesting but I am to scared to even ask them for the price as my experience with pricing on proper rework stations is that they can be quite pricey

Weller rework station

I am sure there are other good ones out there. I have read many posts/articles about this topic and was cautioned agains cheap stations, let alone toaster ovens. Having said that, I watched couple of YouTube videos with guys using electric frying pans :rofl: :rofl:

Best of luck!!